Master these 10 ‘social’ poses when caught on camera

So the camera is on you. What pose should you pull off? And you have NO CLUE what pose to pull. So let us help you out. Here we have some poses to help you at Sports Bandits.

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The Duck

Nope. We are not talking about the duck face. You are literally ducking for sheer life. It shows you have an appetite for risks and have very good reflexes to just duck.

The Air Jordan

Very relevant to basketball but can be applied in any sport. If you notice that you’re the only one running to score a point (in this photo, 2 points) for your team, be rest assured our pesky cameraman will be gunning for that perfect Air Jordan shot. Just smile and look your best athletic self.

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Tie Your Laces

Proof that you have been running so much, that your laces get untied often enough. Smile while singing the rabbit-runs-around-the-tree chant while lacing your shoe.


Go Vogue

If Madonna can pull it off, you can so too. When the camera is only on you. go VOGUE.



Give you an aura of invincibility. As if no spike, 3pt shot, QB pass will ever bother your psyche because your athleticism and cunning just trumps them all. What problem? No problem.


This is pretty much self explanatory. Headband is optional but provides necessary credibility to pull this off. The crazier war cry the better result. You might actually psyche out the opposing team after this pose.


The Dab

The Banditos are very proud to be up to date to every Internet trend out there. Even if your own teammates think its lame looking at you. who cares!  DAB AWAY! *photo click*

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The Emotional Win

Show the sensitive side of you that you’re actually a gentle giant. Underneath all that exterior is a guy just loving the sport so much that it hurts to lose. Tip: follow up this pose with a Beast mode pose to balance things out.


if all fails and you don’t know what to do….

The Group Photo

If you’ve hit a wall. Just quickly grab your teammates around you for a quick snap. We’re all friends anyways and there will always be that one person that can help make the photo better…

.. like here..

.. especially here…

.. then everyone just do every silly pose they can think of..


Definitely the most difficult one to pull off because you need Great Friends. A Great Barbeque And Everyone Having a Smashing Good Time…. but it can happen 🙂

.. cause it DID happen!

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